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1 May 2012 Climate change to affect corn prices, study says Deccan Herald
30 April 2012 Green market slide worries Indian companies Business Standard
30 April 2012 Indora farmers abandoning orchards: Uncertain climate, heavy The Tribune
27 April 2012 India, US must pool their resources on energy and climate issues Zee news
26 April 2012 51-year-old scales Mt Everest for 21st time, for a cause The Hindustan Times

Trade war: Cabinet to consider steps against EU carbon tax
The Times of India, 9 July 2012

The trade battle with the European Union over the latter's unilateral decision to impose carbon tax on Indian airlines flying into or via the EU could turn into a full scale war with the Cabinet to soon consider a proposal for counter-measures against EU including reducing the number of flights and breaking existing bilateral agreements.  Read full story...