Know Climate Change

Impacts of Climate Change

Types of Impacts

Change in climate will impact natural systems (ecological systems, hydrology and water resources, coastal systems) and the human society at large (including human health, settlements, food & fibre production, industry, energy and infrastructure), thus impeding the achievement of sustainable development.

Global climate change would affect diverse sectors via different pathways varying in complexity, scale (both spatial and temporal) and directness.

Impacts of climate change can be understood in two broad categories.

  • Sectoral Impacts: This refers to changes likely to be felt across various sectors (covering both natural and human systems) with serious implications on societies, often exacerbating existing vulnerabilities.
  • Regional Impacts: This refers to changes with respect to different regions with varied geography, exposure and socio-economic status across regions and their ability to respond to the changing climatic conditions.

We will now investigate the sectoral impacts.