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Science behind Climate Change


Changes in Extreme Weather Events

The world is experiencing extreme weather events like cyclones, hurricanes, droughts, heat waves, and floods, resulting in the loss of life and property. However, the intensity and frequency of these events has increased in the recent decades. The strength of these events is regulated by atmospheric parameters like changes in precipitation and temperatures.

Heat Wave in Europe, Summer 2003... Click to know

Intense heat waves engulfed many parts of Europe during the summer of 2003. These gave rise to record-breaking temperatures, particularly during June and August. Absolute maximum temperatures exceeded the previous highest temperature records, leading to the hottest summer since 1780. An exacerbating factor contributing to the temperature extremes was the lack of precipitation in many parts of western and Central Europe, which led to much reduced soil moisture, surface evaporation, and evapotranspiration.

With this we have covered the observed changes in earth’s average temperature, hydrological cycle, cryosphere, ocean, sea level and extreme weather events.