Know Climate Change


Photo by Klaus Holsting (
Connie Hedegaard

"There are moments in history where the world can choose to go down different paths. The COP15 Climate Conference in Copenhagen is one of those defining moments: We can choose to go down the road towards green prosperity and a more sustainable future. Or we can choose a pathway to stalemate and do nothing about climate change leaving an enormous bill for our kids and grand-kids to pay. It really isn't that hard a choice."
She served as the Minister of Climate Change and Energy, Government of Denmark from 2007-2009. Prior to this, she was the Minister for Environment from 2005-2007. An outspoken advocate of clinching an agreement at Copenhagen, she wrote various articles and visited various countries to deliver speeches in the run-up to COP-15. Due to her efforts in orchestrating a global climate deal, she has been recognized by the Time magazine in their 2009 list of the "people who most affect our world".
She believes that action is needed everywhere - from the way in which we build houses, how we light our homes and where the heat in the radiator comes from, to whether cars run on wind turbine power or old fashioned petrol. She played a key role in introducing Denmark's Energy Policy 2008-2011, which made it the first country in the world to commit to an overall reduction in energy consumption - the target is a 2% reduction by 2011 in relation to 2006. The range of initiatives covers energy savings, energy efficiency improvements, renewable energy, energy taxes, more effective energy technologies, and transport.