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Photo by UNEP

UN 'Seal The Deal' Campaign

This global campaign launched by the United Nations seeks to involve the public in influencing the policymakers in their respective countries to work towards a global agreement during the Copenhagen meet in December.

The campaign website encourages users worldwide to sign an online petition which will be presented by civil society to governments of the world. The petition will act as a reminder to the world leaders to keep in mind the interests of the people across all nations while they negotiate a new climate change agreement, and to "seal the deal" towards global sustainable development in the best interests of our planet.



Best Practices

  • The website provides different options for the users to make their voices heard. They can leave a comment on the message wall, sign an online petition, volunteer the number of hours they like to commit for fighting climate change, and also share photos and videos.
  • The campaign gives prominence to the role of people in bringing about a fair, balanced and effective agreement at Copenhagen.