Know Climate Change


Photo by UNEP
Kevin Conrad

"Beginning today, we are obligated to catalyze a new 'Environmental Age' to safeguard our future. Valuing the ecosystem services of tropical rainforests is a necessary first step. To take root, however, we will require more hard-headed economics and less soft-headed tree-hugging!"
He is the Special Envoy and Ambassador for Environment and Climate Change for Papua New Guinea, and also the Executive Director of the Coalition of Rainforest Nations, an intergovernmental alliance of over 40 forested tropical countries. He was recognized by Time Magazine as one of the "Heroes of the Environment" in 2008, and also named by UNEP as 2009 "Champion of the Earth".
During the 2007 Bali climate change talks, he strongly insisted that the United States should either provide leadership on climate change or get out of the way, prompting the US to join the consensus. He is renowned as a staunch campaigner for the better alignment of market incentives with the sustainable use and management of tropical forests. Due to his persistent efforts, forest conservation and nature-based carbon storage has gained prominence in the international community.