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CISCO 'One Million Acts of Green' Campaign

This global campaign was launched by CISCO, the worldwide leader in networking, to show the power of people coming together and working towards meaningful goals to make our lives and environment greener. It demonstrates that individual, organizational, and community acts of green add up to something significant.

The campaign website asks you to form a community, record your Acts of Green, and share your ideas to encourage others. An Act of Green is an opportunity to help the environment. It's you reducing your greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change.

It may be something simple like changing your light bulbs with CFLs and using public transportation, or something as big as covering your roof in solar panels and setting up a windmill to help power a village. The choice is yours - how you bring people together to help the environment and reach One Million Acts of Green, one act at a time.

Best Practices

  • The website displays the worldwide count of Acts of Green, greenhouse gases saved as a result, and also lists all Acts of Green categorywise.
  • The campaign emphasizes the power of the Human Network Effect.