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WWF 'The Climate for Life' Campaign

This global campaign by WWF (World Wildlife Fund) aims to bring an increased sense of responsibility and awareness among the media, youth, policy-makers, private sector, the scientific community and the general public on the impacts of climate change in the Himalayas, leading to an informed stance of Nepal at the Copenhagen summit.

The campaign is central to Nepal, because most of the Himalayan peaks and glaciers fall under the territory of this country, and the country's economy and society revolve around the well-being of the Himalayas. The campaign started in April 2009 and shall continue till December 2009. Multiple events are lined up during the nine months of this campaign.

The campaign website brings all the information about the campaign on a single platform - people supporting the campaign, photo and video documentation of associated events, latest news, and all the actions that can be taken.

Best Practices

  • The campaign had a dramatic launch; summiteer and campaign ambassador Apa Sherpa placed the message 'Stop Climate Change - Let the Himalayas Live!' atop Mt. Everest.
  • The campaign is designed to help a developing nation like Nepal to evolve a successful strategy leading up to the COP 15 meet in December 2009.