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HP 'Power To Change' Campaign

This global campaign by Hewlett-Packard encourages personal computer users around the world to turn off their computers and printers when they don't need them, in support of the environment. It also encourages users to download a new desktop widget that tracks the cumulative energy savings associated with participants turning off idle PCs when not in use.

Individuals and companies can download the 'Power To Change' widget, compatible with all PC computing platforms. With this widget, computer users worldwide can watch and explore the energy savings the campaign generates through the power of behavioral changes across individual and global users.

HP estimates that if 100,000 users shut down their work computers at the end of each day, energy savings could total more than 2,680 kilowatt-hours and carbon emissions reductions could total more than 3,500 pounds per day. This is the equivalent of eliminating more than 105 cars from the road each day.

Best Practices

  • Demonstrates the environmentally responsible behaviour of a leading technology company.
  • Participation is simple and easy; turn off the PC when not in use, and download a widget.