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Zero Carbon Britain

As countries around the world met at Cancun in Mexico to strike out a deal to share the responsibility of cutting down the world’s carbon emissions, people gathered in London to demand that Britain nullifies its carbon emissions by 2030.

The campaign led by Campaign Against Climate Change, a group which works with academics and climate activists across the world saw participation from NGOs, politicians, campaigners and common people from all walks of life. Hundreds of people carrying flags and placards gathered in Hyde Park, organized themselves into the formation of 2030—the date which campaigners set to reduce the country’s carbon emissions to a naught.

Marching through central London, few on cycles and the rest on foot, they demanded that the government set policies that will achieve this objective and at the same time create a million green jobs. They said that if this is done intelligently, the government could avoid negative effects on the economy which was being predicted all over the world.

The atmosphere was charged with impatience about the world wide inaction and concerns over the imminent dangers. Politicians made encouraging speeches which gave hopes to the people despite their frustrations at the failure of international negotiations to show an effective way ahead.

Leaflets were distributed among the people to increase awareness about the effects of climate change and the urgency of taking action. It was also demanded that carbon emissions be cut down by 10 per cent by the end of this year.

Best Practices

  • A campaign triggered by people’s demands for action against climate change
  • A campaign to nullify Britain’s carbon emissions by 2030