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One million climate jobs

In a bid to convert the economy without affecting people, the Campaign Against Climate Change (CACC) trade union group which works with unions, academics and climate activitists across the world, demanded a million climate jobs by the end of 2010.

This change can be achieved by focusing on job creation in renewable energy, retrofitting buildings, public transport, industry and education sector. The transformation has to be carried out on the scale of that in the US at wartime when car factories were transformed into tank factories within a few months.

The entire economy has to be converted into a low or zero carbon economy as soon as possible and according to the campaign, this can be achieved not through reduction in investment and in jobs, but through massive investments in green technology and in green economic activities. The CACC trade unionists said that one could take a leaf out of such lessons learnt from earlier recessions and can be applied to the current situation too.

They have also sponsored an academically researched report on how this million jobs can be created. The campaign has brought out a pamplet called ‘one million jobs NOW!’ which elucidates the importance of generating one million climate jobs and the method of creating these jobs. Copies of the pamphlets which was launched in the British House of Commons were sold around the world.

Best Practices

  • A campaign that supports investment in green technology.
  • A campaign to generate jobs while moving to a low carbon economy.