Know Climate Change


Tulsi Tanti

Very few people can make business sense out of a cause. This is where Tulsi Tanti makes a difference.
From a manufacturer of synthetic fibers, to a businessman who profits by contributing to climate change mitigation—the man has traveled a long and difficult road to stand out in the manner he does today.
The mechanical engineer from Rajkot set foot in business with his new line of polyester yarns. But the unavailability and high costs of electricity was eating into his profits. So he decided to generate his own source of power and set up two wind turbines in 1990. As these brought down his power bills, Tanti was quick to realize the potential of wind power. He also started telling his fellow industrialists about the advantages of wind power.
In 1995 he set up Suzlon Energy solely with the purpose of generating and supplying power at a cheaper cost. Much later, in 2000, he came across a report on global warming which highlighted the urgent necessity of reducing carbon emissions from fossil fuels to prevent dangers of climate change. It also said that if this was not done, islands like the Maldives which was one of Tanti’s favourite holiday spots would soon be submerged under water due to rise in sea levels.
Tanti realized that he had to concentrate more on generating energy from wind in order to tackle this emerging problem. With his area of focus defined now, he gradually wound up his textile manufacturing.
For Tanti, his countrship with wind energy is not about saving money or making profits any more. He is now committed to do everything possible to combat the problems of a changing climate and save his cherished holiday resort from disappearing.