Know Climate Change


Cameroon Diaz

It is not very common for an American actress to talk about the environment. That is why Cameroon Diaz stands out. The actress took a road trip to document real people's reactions to environmental problems, and find out how they can tackle them. She captured it all in a film.
Unlike many celebrities who lend their voice to the cause by spreading the message of established environmental organizations, she did not tell people what to do, but invited them to do something. She also made us realize how much part of nature we already are and what we would really like to do. In this manner she made the environment look like it is worth saving.
Perhaps Diaz’s background built her leanings towards the cause. In Long Island in California where she grew up, waste from the town’s refinery was dumped at the end of her block. At an early age she watched how such indiscriminate waste dumping could affect the environment and the health of the people residing in the place. Her love for animals was evident from the fact that she aspired to be a zoologist and kept several pets, one of which was a snake.
These inclinations of the renowned actress were resurrected at a TED conference dedicated to spread of innovative ideas. She wanted to act as a catalyst to engage common people in the far reaching conversation on environment through the film.