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The international green wave

The Green Wave is global campaign that enables children and youth to connect across the globe and make a difference by the simple act of planting trees. Launched on May 22 this year, in schools all over the world, it is a global biodiversity campaign to raise awareness among children and youth.

On this date, students from participating schools planted indigenous tree species in or near their schoolyard. Counting down to 10:00 local time they watered the tree in their respective schoolyards, thereby creating a figurative “green wave” starting in the far east and traveling west around the world.

Throughout the day, students uploaded photos and text summaries on website of The Green Wave to share their tree-planting story with other children and youth from around the world and connect through their experiences. It was decided that if extreme weather conditions prevailed in the country on May 22 or conditions were not condusive to growth of trees on that particular date, then the students would plant trees on the nearest date which was convenient for them

The students will repeat this act of planting trees and watering them every year. The campaign aims to spread awareness about biodiversity and the need to reduce its loss.

The Green Wave contributes to Plant for the Billion Tree Campaign which is a worldwide tree planting initiative facilitated by the United Nations Environment Programme. Canadian explorer, biologist and film-maker Jean Lemire has been appointed as ambassador to The Green Wave.

Best Practices

  • The campaign aims to raise awareness about biodiversity among children and youth
  • The campaign has highlighted the importance of indigenous species in increasing biodiversity