Know Climate Change


Photo by
Dario-Andri Schwörer

“We have to work on the root of the problem… to start trying to reduce carbon dioxide emissions with new technologies and clean energy. Our planet is still very beautiful…there are so many good innovations [and] solutions of approaching [climate change]…Every small step counts.”
A well-known environment activist from Switzerland, Dario-Andri Schwörer is a strong example of how one should emulate a green life first to inspire others. A member of the core expedition team of ‘Top To Top’ NGO, Schwörer along with his family is on a mission to cover seven seas and seven summits only with the help of renewable energy. This NGO is endorsed by the United Nations Environment Program that aims to set a world record by sailing the seven seas and reaching the highest peak of every continent using only human and natural power.
He is also visiting various schools and universities during this expedition where he is spreading the message of environment conservation. He provides examples and strategies of how to achieve great things in harmony with nature. He has currently covered over 40 countries only by walking, push biking and sailing.