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ENO Climate Change Campaign 2010

Peru being the third country most vulnerable to climate change, a campaign called ‘ENO Climate Change Campaign 2010’ was organized at the National University of Education, Enrique Guzmán y Valle, Lima Peru. It is has been found that, over 145 thousand hectares of virgin forest are lost annually in this country. This campaign served as a motivation, awareness, participation, action and commitment of students and professors from the university. The delegation of students accompanied by their teachers marched with banners and posters, alluding to the Climate Change Campaign and the Campaign's mascot Frank Tthe Ffrog to combat climate change. The party also collected pledges of the university community of UNE to reduce the impact of climate change.

One of the slogans voiced by participants during this campaign was "Future generations will not forgive us for having wasted his last chance, last chance is today." The website for this campaign shows the enthusiasm of the students during the campaign.

Best Practices

  • The campaign involved research on impacts of climate change carried out by the faculties of education & physical culture, science (chemistry, natural science, physics, mathematics) technology and social sciences at the University.
  • 143 students and 7 teachers took part in this campaign where they organized a parade march and collected pledges of the University community.