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Oxfam’s Climate Change Campaign

Aiming to utilize their experience of working with poor communities across the world, Oxfam has launched a global campaign against climate change. This campaign is a result of Oxfam’s belief that unless an action is taken now, worse consequences of climate change will be faced by mankind. Oxfam has been responding to increasing numbers of very serious droughts and floods in the past few years. They have also been helping poor communities to adapt, such as through better flood defenses or drought resistant farming techniques.

Oxfam believes that climate change is a global problem, requiring a global solution – a UN deal that is fair to both rich and poor countries. The campaign is calling on world leaders to support this and show the courage and leadership required to move towards a just solution. Through this campaign, supporters are demanding for a global deal to save the planet from catastrophic climate change. The deal should be ambitious enough to leave the planet safe for all; fair for the poorest countries that did not cause climate change but are suffering most from it; and binding with real targets that can be legally monitored and enforced. This campaign is part of the tcktcktck coalition in different countries around the world.

Best Practices

  • Oxfam commissioned the help of some polar bears ‘to save humans too’ at an important UN meeting in Bali last December. This helped draw attention of some politicians to the issue.
  • The website encourages individuals to support the campaign and also provides an insight into the impact and importance of climate change.