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Adaptation and Mitigation


Mitigation Options for GHG-intensive Sectors

Mitigation options for the GHG-intensive sectors are as given below.

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Forests: Interactions among Mitigation, Vulnerability, and Adaptation... Click to know

Mitigation options interact with vulnerability and adaptation. In the forestry sector, research on linkages between climate change and the mitigation options are still at an early stage. There is a possibility that mitigation activity for forestry sector can be formulated in a way that is compatible with adapting to climate change, besides maintaining biodiversity and promoting sustainable development.

Forests will also be affected by climate change, and so maintaining widely dispersed and viable populations of individual species is important to tackle the catastrophic events that might cause species extinction. Formation of protected areas or nature reserves is an example of mitigation as well as that of adaptation. Mitigation projects such as agro-forestry provide adaptation co-benefits for other sectors.

Let us now study in detail about mitigation options in some major sectors, namely, agriculture, transport, building, and energy.