Know Climate Change

Adaptation and Mitigation



Ever wondered...

Why are some people more exposed to hazards than others living in the same region?

What is the relationship between climate change, and adaptation and mitigation?

The answers lie in the numerous ways in which human systems interact with earth systems. The impact of climate on human beings, and that of human beings on climate is felt at the meeting point of these two kinds of systems. As you must be aware, there are many anthropogenic drivers of climate change. These lead to the various pathways in which climate change impacts human systems.

The animation given below shows the framework of anthropogenic drivers, the impacts of and response to climate change, and their linkages.

Anthropogenic drivers, impacts of and response to climate change and their linkage
Source: IPCC, 2007

The linkages will be much clearer when we will discuss them in detail later on in this topic. This will help us in formulating some key concepts, and also help us in enhancing our understanding of climate change adaptation and vulnerability.

We will now see how human systems respond to changes in the climate system, and then study some important concepts related to climate change.