Know Climate Change

Adaptation and Mitigation


Topic Objectives

Climate change has become a leading environmental issue. It is now a challenge for the entire world. Since we share one atmosphere, the effects of global warming in one part of the planet are eventually felt in other parts as well, and on all living species. Given the predictions of the scientists and the erratic climate phenomena being experienced by the people, the human society is not only recognizing the damage to the environment, but also finally accepting its own role in disturbing the balance of nature.

The world leaders have been participating in several conventions and conferences, and signing various agreements and protocols in order to arrive at a global consensus. Ultimately, not only do we need to prepare ourselves to meet the impacts of climate change that we are already facing, but also need to make some tough choices with regards to - our dependence on fossil fuels for energy, relentless consumerism, and continued exploitation of the natural resources.

Energy crisis, acute shortage of food and water, and threat of natural calamities loom large. Therefore, there is an urgent need to find solutions – not only at the global, regional, and national levels, but also at the local level, and most importantly, at the level of the individual. Our survival will depend on how we plan collectively and act individually.

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To begin with, let us get an overview of the ways in which human systems interact with earth systems.