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Global Campaign for Climate Action

The campaign aims to create the world's biggest mandate for action. Its strength lies in its extensive partnerships, with humanitarian organizations, environmental bodies, faith groups, labour unions, celebrities, world leaders and individuals from across the world joining hands for taking urgent action as the climate crisis has reached its peak.

TckTckTck website is the public interface for the campaign and it aggregates the voices of all its partners and showcases the actions taken in different parts of the world. On the opening day of the Copenhagen summit, it presented before the world leaders a petition signed by more than 10 million people urging the leaders to seal a fair, ambitious and binding climate deal.

Best Practices

  • It is an open campaign and focuses on a worldwide coalition of civil society organizations, so that distributed efforts are synergized and aligned together in countries around the world.
  • TckTckTck website acts as the organizing hub for different kinds of audiences and provides tools and resources for sharing ideas and actions, and for expanding the coalition.