Know Climate Change

Basics of Climate Science


Climate System

Our climate system is a dynamic system consisting of many components. These components keep evolving and constantly interact with one another. As a result, the climate system as a whole also keeps evolving.

Let us imagine an ocean which constantly receives water from many rivers, and each of these rivers not only experience a change in volume of their water, but also cross the path of other rivers at several places. Which part of the ocean has received water from which river can be tough to identify. ‘Chaos’ is the best way to describe this situation!

Our climate system is somewhat similar. It consists of many components and each of these components keep evolving and also constantly interact with one another. What results is a climate system that itself keeps evolving as a whole.

In this section, we will learn about the climate system and it components, and find out how exactly they intermingle with one another.

The following concepts will be covered.

Let us proceed to understand the first concept.