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Impacts of Climate Change


Topic Summary

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Sectoral impacts of climate change include

  • Water pollution and global warming will cause a huge scarcity of water and increased number of natural disasters, such as drought, flood and cyclone.
  • Ecosystems will be victims of major change in terms of biodiversity and living conditions.
  • Crop production will be on a high stake, posing serious threat to the availability of food.
  • Coastal systems and low-lying areas will be at threat of being submerged by a rise in sea level.
  • Public health will be under a greater threat due increasing pollution, water related diseases, and direct deaths due to natural disasters.
  • Industries and settlements will, in general, suffer due to changing climate and natural disasters.

Major regions will have some of the following impacts due to climate change.

  • Changing climate exerts a significant loss to the day-to-day economic development of Africa, particularly for the agricultural and water-resources sectors, at regional, local, and household levels.
  • In Asia, changing climate has greatly pressurized crop production, life, settlements, and health.
  • In the Australian subcontinent, changing climate has threatened wildlife, crop production and water supply.
  • In Europe, warmer conditions have led to a rise in catastrophic fires, submerging of islands, winter floods and droughts.
  • The American continent will suffer from more and more natural disasters, droughts, floods, and destruction of coastal areas.
  • Low-lying and small islands are facing threat of extinction due to sea-level rise and increased natural disasters.